100% Natural Honey (750ml)

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Obaebae Honey Syrup has more benefits than the regular honey in stores due to its additional herbs and value

It’s healing abilities helps to keep the body energized

It is 100% natural honey extracted from Honey combs and its Bees

This Honey combs are from two sources, the woods and the pots

I and my team find pleasure in extracting them carefully in a clean hygienic environment in order to ensure you get the best quality of Honey all around the world

Obaebae Honey Syrup is an healing Honey made for individuals and couples and generally for edibles

Obaebae Honey syrup contains additional natural HERBS good for reducing cholesterol in the body as well as blood pressure and that makes it a MUST HAVE IN EVERY HOME

If you must add any sweetness to your edibles make sure to try this Honey because it has variety of benefits good for MEN and WOMEN

Get yours now and stay away from SUGAR


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